Shining a light on humanity

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This project is about sharing what is awesome, but is not limited to observing wonders like the soft warmth and delicious cuddliness of puppies.

While we aim to be awake to all awesomeness, even the effortless kind puppies are born with, the project here is intentional awesomeness. I start from the premise that achieving awesome (at least for grown humans) demands choice and takes work.

Here you will find inspiring stories of awesome humans to help you your own journey.

There are obstacles. What do we do when we meet up with them? How do we overcome them? What work-arounds or reframes are successful?

This helps me clarify what is awesome, seeing attitudes and practices that enable awesomeness in the face of seemingly intractable problems, in the face of unhelpful or even oppressive institutions, in the face of what is sometimes an ugly world.

Shining a light on humanity

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